Baby Sleep

Naptime with her birthday bunny.

Cady is growing up so fast and changing so much. I see pictures of her from just a few months ago and can’t believe how different she is. She’s constantly learning and trying new things. She gets bigger and heavier every day.

Another thing that seems to change about her, is her sleep. It has changed a lot since she has gotten older. Right now she is pretty easy to put to bed at night, which is a task that works best when done with Daddy. She is also easy to nap most weeks, and that is best done with just Mommy. For some reason, if the other parent is in the room, she often doesn’t want to go to sleep.

Having a solid bedtime routine has really helped us with putting Cady to bed. She understands everything that’s happening and what comes next. It’s all about the B’s.

1. Bath
2. Barney
3. Bottle
4. Bed

Then it’s “good night,” kisses, lights out, some patting, and sleep. I’m so proud of her for learning to just lie down and go to sleep with a few minutes of light patting.

It was difficult when she was outgrowing the baby going to sleep phase of being rocked and carried because she was moving into a mobile phase where she wanted to pull herself up to standing and later walk around the crib. We couldn’t just let her because she would constantly fall and bump her head because she was so tired.

She still drinks a lot of milk a few times during the night. I am easily able to reach over and comfort her at night when she needs it because we have the crib pulled up next to the side of our bed. Some nights she needs it more than others. I often wonder if she’s dreaming or even having a bad dream. She also comforts herself by reaching for a pacifier (that I strategically placed), popping it in, and taking it out (and keeping it close to her hand) when she’s done. During the time that I’m awake before she’s woken up or while she’s napping, I’ve watched and seen that she is able to put herself back to sleep when I’m not there, but I like to help her at night anyway.

There are some times she doesn’t seem like she sleeps very well. Sometimes, she moves around a lot or whimpers or cries randomly in her sleep. I’ve noticed she does this occasionally during her naps as I listen on the monitor and every once and a while go in to check on her. It seems like more at night, but that could just be because 1: I’m in the room with her and her crib is right next to our bed on my side, 2: I’m very a light sleeper, and 3: night time sleep lasts much longer than a nap.

Sometimes, she even wakes up at night after all her tossing and turning and asks to come into our bed with us. Once I take her in, she immediately falls asleep. If she has no problems sleeping, she might sleep in the crib all night or she might ask to come into the big bed sometime after Tim leaves in the morning and go back to sleep.

I’m not sure what causes her tossing/turning/whimpering/crying. I don’t know if she’s uncomfortable or if she has nightmares. One time she was definitely talking in her sleep saying, “up, up,” which is what she says when she wants to be carried, helped up a step, put on a couch or chair, or given an object from a high place. Most of the time she’s ok, but sometimes I do worry. I’m a worrier and a first time mom, so I probably worry even more than necessary.

Baby sleep is such a mystery to me, but at least having us close by and knowing that she can come to us if she needs it seems to help her a lot. I used to get scared and have nightmares a lot as a kid (and sometimes as an adult have sleep problems), so it feels good as a mom to know I’m able to comfort her.

It feels good to be close when we go to sleep. I think she feels safe knowing I’m there, and I feel she’s safe next to me. I often go to sleep imagining mothers in history doing something similar… cave women, pioneer women… or women in different environments like tropical islands with bamboo huts… saying, “good night baby. I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”

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  1. All I can say is Orien tosses, turns, whimpers, cries out briefly during the night too. He is in his own room, but that rooms is connected to ours through double doors. We have a weird layout but it works. My point is he is close enough to where I can hear him at times. Anyway, just know that that part is normal. We keep three pacifiers in his crib so he can reach them when he wakes in the night!

  2. What a sweet post! Cady is a lucky little babe to have such a sweet and carring mommy.thanks for the kind words about my blog. very sweet of you.have a great Sunday!gail