Free Day at the Zoo

I found out just in time on Monday that the first Tuesday of every month (after 2) is free day at the zoo, so the three of us went together when Tim got home. Now that her choices mostly consist of walking or riding in the stroller, she actually appreciates having a ride. She likes walking a little bit, but she knows now that she has a good thing going with the stroller. She likes her wagon a lot, too. We were thinking about bringing that next time. I didn’t get as many animal photos this time, but the baby pictures are the important ones anyway.

She’s very excited about our zoo trip. This reminds me of the last time we went.
She is good at taking the cup in and out of the cupholder as she needs.
First up were the red pandas.
Mommy usually doesn’t make it in the photos since she carries the camera, but I really am there as well as the turtle with the really long neck!
Fascinated by fish.
We definitely need to check out the downtown aquarium when Tim is on vacation.
These guys were huge. I wondered if they were an edible species.
She was a little nervous when Daddy went in the fish tank tube. He’s silly.
Watching desert birds, squirrels, turtles, and other small mammals.
This guy looked kind of fake. Is he alive? I didn’t see him move…
Outside the meerkat habitat.
The baby elephant’s name is Baylor, just like my alma mater!
Right after the elephants, they had an Australian Shepherd Dog habitat. We’re not sure why they live at the zoo. They should live on a farm, so they can do their work. Plus dogs belong with people. Cady liked it anyway since she knows the word for dog.
A zookeeper was giving the big cats milk.
We stopped for burgers, chicken tenders, and fries at the cafe. Cady likes hugging plastic bottles for some reason.
We bought a giraffe/blankie friend in the gift shop on the way out. It was great for helping her sleep more comfortably in the car on the way home.

It was a great day.

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  1. That's funny how she loves to hug plastic bottles lol. Maybe it's the different shapes and colors they come in that's so comforting to her. Love the baby Baylor elephant! Too cute 🙂

  2. Hahah yeah. She even steals them from the recycling.