Japanese Gardens

Tim and I took Cady to the Japanese Gardens yesterday. We actually got lost on the way there because I had mistakenly thought it was by the wrong park. I saw some police cars and said, “Police. We can ask them. Oh, nevermind. They’re arresting someone. Probably not a good time.” Then we left the wrong park to get some cell service and found the gardens on the map located by the other park. It all worked out though because Cadence had been cranky and fell asleep in the car. This just gave her more time to nap.

Sitting next to some admirers.
Walking with Daddy.
Watching the ducks.
Walking across the bridge with Mommy.
More duck watching.
Mouthful of bananas.
Time to go.

There’s nothing better than spending time together.

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  1. ive never been there (*ducks with shame*)..how cute is cadence with her sunnies??!!