Shoe Shopping (and Cleaning Out)

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but since getting pregnant and having a baby, my feet have grown. I had just bought a lot of shoes right before it happened, too. Hopefully they can find new homes where they can be put to good use.

For now, I’ll slowly have to start replacing them because walking around in tight shoes is horrible for my feet. My leather flip flops are still cool, but everything else is not. Well, I think my Uggs will be ok since they have a lot of room to work with because of their style.

I’ve already gotten a new pair of Sperrys that are now a half size bigger since those are my favorite shoes that I wear practically every day and a pair of tennis shoes that are now a full size bigger since those are pretty important, too. I’ve got my eye on new cowboy boots for the wedding. I really need rainboots with the amount of rain we get. Everything else I’ll probably get as I need them.

I really hate to have to get rid of sooooooooooooo many pairs of shoes (especially my cowboy boots and my leather boots I got in Europe), but I’ll feel better if someone gets to wear them, especially since they’re in such good condition.

Shoes are a big deal to women. Who knows? They might even change your life. Just look at Cinderella.

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