Walking with Cady & Chocolate S’mores Cake

[ She only wears her sunglasses in the sun, not shade. ]

Now that the weather isn’t too terribly hot, I’ve decided to start walking to the store with Cady to pick up the things we’re going to cook that day. I like it because we get out of the house, she enjoys riding in her stroller out and about, I get a little exercise, and our produce is always fresh, which was a big problem for us before because we would often buy fruits and vegetables and see them go bad before they were used.

The tough part was getting the stroller out of the trunk of the SUV while holding her. The first time we went, I tried putting her on the grass when I put the stroller back in after the walk, and she was a silly sight. Granted, the grass was a tad long, but she was lifting up one leg like it was hurting her (she had no shoes on and had to sit) and crying. I took a blanket out of the trunk and put her on that while I put the stroller back, but she still fussed (even though we have sat on a blanket to picnic in the park before) because once she’s upset, it’s not easy to get her happy unless a drastic change or distraction is involved (like her mommy). Carrying her up the stairs while I have my purse with the groceries in it in my other arm isn’t easy either.

The next time we went, I put her shoes on her even though they were a tad small (don’t worry we got new ones the same day), so that she could stand while I got the stroller in and out of the car. I carried our purchase in my big bag again, but I held her hands and let her walk up the stairs instead. Halfway up the stairs, she realized where we were going and tried to go in reverse. She really didn’t want to go back inside and was pretty unhappy when I picked her up and took her up the rest of the way, but I had to make sure lunch was made and eaten. She was mad when I took her shoes off and kept pointing to the door, but once she started eating, she forgot what the problem was.

[ Cadence and Quinn helping me unpack the groceries ]
I made Zesty Crockpot Chicken for dinner and this cake with our purchase.
Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting
Marshmallow creme, mini chocolate chips, graham crackers

I was craving the chocolate frosing in a can, which I really missed. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had some, and it was delicious. I forgot how tasty it was, but it is really, very sweet.

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  1. ooooh, that cake looks so yummy!

  2. use the umbrella stroller..it's a lot lightermom

  3. Gabby, btw where did you get that cake stand? Love the scalloped edges….