Our Wedding Venue

It’s official. We have a venue: The George Ranch Historical Park. We paid our deposit and signed our contract. I’m so excited because it is everything we want.

1. The church and reception are at the same location.
2. It is affordable.
3. It’s pretty and fits perfectly with our theme.

[ Some photos from GeorgeRanch.org ]

What’s also really special about our venue is that it is historic. For example, the dancehall where the reception will be held will be celebrating is 100 year anniversary the year we have our wedding. Except for the addition of climate control, everything has been kept as original as possible. I wish I had taken more pictures, but every time we went we had the baby, it was raining, or there was an event that made it difficult to take pictures.

I’ve been doing some Googling online and have found some beautiful wedding photographs there:
Wedding by Sarah E. Evans
Bridals by Sarah E. Evans

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  1. wow – gorgeous place! im in love with the church!