October: Filipino-American Heritage Month & Filipino Food

I know September isn’t quite over yet, but I have a tendancy to jump ahead since my thoughts do the same. This is the first I’ve heard of Filipino-American Heritage Month, but I only recently started hearing more about this sort of stuff since we got our international channels. To celebrate (and also because I’ve always wanted to learn), I’m going to attempt to serve up some favorite Filipino dishes, and I’ll give myself a couple months to do them all to spread out how many experimental new dishes I’m cooking at a time.

Calderetta- a beef, carrots, bell peppers, and potatoes stew
Adobong Manok (chicken adobo)- a dish with soy sauce and vinegar
Kare Kare- oxtail stew with vegetables and peanut butter sauce
Sinigang- a sour meat/seafood and vegetable soup
Chop Suey- a Chinese dish of meat, seafood and vegetables
Tapsilog- breakfast of rice, egg, and tapas (cured beef)
Logsilog- breakfast of rice, egg, and longanisa (sweet pork sausages)

Some might sound a little off (Chinese Filpino food? Oxtail? Peanut butter? Sour?), but they’re actually very good.

I just realized I should get a blender from down the street at my parents and try to make mango juice, too. That would just make it perfect, and I know my husband would love it, too.

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  1. ha! i didnt know oct is filipino-american heritage month…i would love to have some adobo right now but i am staying away from rice. you cant eat adobo without rice, right? LOL

  2. Yeah, I agree. Those foods need rice, and I HAVE to have rice. Not every day, but I can't go on a rice-free diet.