Wedding Cake

My parents have asked me if I plan on doing my own wedding cake. If I do, we would save a lot of money. However, it would also take up a decent amount of time, and if I make any “big” (in my opinion) mistakes, I’ll be a huge flaming ball of stress ready to crash into earth. Another plus about ordering a cake is that I could have it delivered instead of having to worry about that part myself. The question is, how much time and stress will it be versus how much money we would save?

Maybe I should keep it simple. If we buy a cake, simple will save money, and if I make it, simple will save time and sanity. I was thinking a round, 3 or 4 tiered (depending on the size of the tiers) red velvet cake with a textured buttercream decorated by fresh florals that match the centerpieces. Last night I was also thinking about how yummy and fall-themed the same thing would be if made entirely in chocolate (although I’ve had really stressful experiences making chocolate cakes myself with the crumb and crumble factor that chocolate has).

However, fondant has a really impressive, clean look and helps seal in the cake’s moisture quite a bit more. My fondant covered cakes so far have been better than my buttercream finished. There is chocolate fondant, too. The problem is fondant takes a lot more time and effort. I will probably be quite busy in the days leading up to the wedding. Something to think about. If I wanted to have gumpaste flowers, those could always be done far ahead of time, but I’m worried they might not match the real flowers I had planned to decorate the reception.

I think the best way to answer this is to research wedding cake prices for the cake I want and try to make some cakes now to see how difficult/stressful/time consuming it really is. That’s a lot of cake though. Hmm… We’ll have to think of something…

Decisions, decisions. I really don’t have my mind made up about this yet, but we have a lot of time. The groom’s cake should be a little easier.

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