Specific Goals for the New Week

I think one of the reasons I have a difficult time accomplishing my goals is that they are so broad and generalized (cooking, photos, cakes, sewing). This next week, I’m going to write down specific goals that I can accomplish.

Sew tank top dress
Cook one new recipe
Work out one day
Make cupcakes
Take pictures outside one day
Straighten hair one day
Go to church

Working out will be the one I’ll really have to force myself to do. The last three I can probably do all in one day. Of course, these will be on top of my usual mommy and wife duties, so I’m obviously writing this with some optimism that Cady will have a better week sleep-wise.

I also decided to write it down in my planner that I need to make dinner earlier for the two nights that Tim has a meeting or has a class, so that he can eat before heading back out instead of sitting there hungry and eating late or getting fast food.

P.S. I love lists.

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