Found My Wedding Dress

I ended up deciding on the dress I found that first day we looked at dresses. I literally looked at hundreds of dresses online. Then I slept on it. My thoughts went back to that one dress. Then I looked at them all again. I thought about it some more. I browsed some in person.

It turns out, there aren’t any dreses that appeal to me enough to even take the time to make an appointment, drive, and try them on. All the dresses that caught my eye did so because they reminded me of that one dress from before. The more I think about it, the more I realize it was the dress for me afterall.

I wasn’t sure at first if we had just sparked because all the other dresses were wrong for me, and it was the first one to make me happy after so many that didn’t. Now I know, it’s because it’s right. I’m glad I gave myself at least a little bit of time to think about it instead of making a decision that day and being left with the question of whether or not I had settled down too soon.

We now have a place (we have an appointment to put the deposit down tomorrow) and a dress (we have an appointment to buy it tonight). Those are pretty much the most important and interesting decisions for me.

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