Feeling Really Tired This Week

I’m really tired this week and feeling sick on and off. My throat randomly hurts. That’s never fun, and I need my voice for reading Cady’s books over and over again at her request. She slept horrible for a week and half, but even though she slept well last night, I still didn’t. I’m a routine kind of person and get the best sleep when on a proper routine, which has recently been disrupted (possibly by all the new teeth breaking through Cady’s gums).

Tim has been really great and taking care of her in the mornings (and afternoons) while I try to sleep/rest a little more. This morning he even made eggs for everybody.

Now Cady has been sleeping like a rock for about two hours, and I was able to sleep a little bit with her. She was really easy to put to sleep, too. She just drank some milk, and her eyes closed. It was pretty nice considering how upset she was about naptime the last two days.

I’m thankful to catch some breaks when I’m having a more difficult week.

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  1. I feel ya big time. SO glad she's giving you a break today 🙂 And so glad your hubby is a sweet one!Hope you get to feeling energized and healthy soon!!