Wedding Makeup

Every time I’ve gotten my makeup done professionally, I’ve regretted it. It was thick, cakey, involved way too much eye makeup, and photographed horribly with the obvious line between my artificially pale face and natural colored neck.

I thought about getting air brush makeup done for the wedding. Most of the before and after photographs I’ve seen look pretty good, but I think it costs way too much. The least expensive I’ve seen would be done at their studio, which is very far from our wedding site. Convenience is going to be key. More time spent in the car driving on what will already be a very busy day is not going to happen. I want to be as stress-free as possible. Their minimum contract for on-location work is nearly twice as much. Others I’ve looked at charge as much for one wedding makeup session as it costs to literally buy an entire air brush makeup kit and take a class on how to do it, so the artists are definitely getting their money’s worth.

I’ve noticed, too, that bridal hair or makeup is always more than other members of the bridal party or other special occasion (prom, homecoming, etc) attendees. One might argue that the bride will have more elaborate and dramatic work done, but I don’t think that’s always the case. However, she always gets charged more even for a simpler style. 

For now I’ll focus on the positives like what I can do. I don’t know what my exact plans are yet, but they’re probably going to involve doing some things myself and buying some new products, which should be fun (plus I can use them again)!

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  1. Have you tried MAC? Everyone else I've used is like you said: cakey and just generally unattractive. Everytime I've used MAC though I've LOVED it. Even if you don't want to hire them, you can go into the store (don't go to the makeup counter, go to the standalone MAC store) and get them to show you how to do your makeup. Last time I did it, it was free. Of course the expectation is that you'll buy. I've been using variations on what they taught me since I was 14. Still love it!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I wanted to try that and get some stuff, too, but I didn't know who to trust.