Bridal Bargains

I have this really awesome book called Bridal Bargains that not only gives you ideas on ways to save money on wedding preparation and recommendations for how to find reliable vendors but also gives a lot of insight into the pitfalls of planning, the tricks of the trade, and the tactics of some wedding industry “professionals.”

I think even if someone has a very large budget, they should read this book and get the most for their money. Furthermore, a lot of unncessary markups are put on brides with higher budgets because vendors push the limits to what the market can take.

I’m glad I’ve read the information though because it help keep me aware of what could happen in order to try to avoid them. The book also has questions to ask, most and least favorite wedding months by state, tips on navigating the online wedding market, and lots of other useful information.

I’d recommend this to anyone getting married. I even mailed it to a friend to help with planning her wedding under the assumption that she could keep it, but she was too kind and sent it back afterwards. Now I’m glad she did because I’m reading it again.

P.S. The Baby Bargains book was even more helpful and gave great product recommendations, especially since we were clueless first time parents, but it would be great for anyone.

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