Wedding Insurance

According to MSNBC, less than 1% of people getting married get wedding insurance, but it is recommended by The Better Business Bureau and Money Central on Even though I was already leaning in that direction, the articles I’ve read and research I’ve done is even more convincing. I’ve compared coverage, premiums, and sample contracts and checked the companies’ BBB reports.

We’re required by our ceremony and reception location to have $1,000,000 in liability insurance, but we’re also getting insurance to cover the costs of the wedding. It makes a lot of sense to me considering you can put down a couple hundred dollars to cover a wedding that costs tens of thousands. If anything were to happen, you would be responsible without that coverage. Unfortunately, some people have seen it all on their wedding days.

I’m not a person who likes risks, and it seems like a worthwhile purchase to me. Peace of mind to a worrier is priceless.

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  1. We bought wedding insurance. I didn't find it to be unreasonably priced either. It makes sense and it covers many scenarios. I've been telling all my engaged friends to look into it.

  2. Get your wedding insurance quote @ You will be surprised at how reasonable it is.