Barney Baby

We love that purple dinosaur at our house. The songs are fun and catchy, he’s a great dancer, and it teaches really good lessons. I’ve definitely learned some important things myself.

Cady loves him most of course. She dances and gets really excited during her favorite songs. Other times, she is deep in focus. The house is very calm during Barney time. We can take a quiet break and relax.

Barney has become part of our daily routine.
It’s the only show that we’ve seen that actually catches Cady’s attention.

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  1. Sweet face!

  2. I love what you've done with your blog!! So freaking cute. <>

  3. She seems captivated by that little purple dinosaur isn't she? Love it. Surprisingly it was Pristine's favorite too when she was younger and I agree it's catchy.