Trying on Wedding Dresses

[ I didn’t feel like any of these were “the one.” ]

I went to try on wedding dresses with my parents, and Cady came along with us. Of course, the sales person wanted me to buy the dress, but I made it clear that I had to think about it. She wanted me to come back the next day. I made an appointment for a few days later because I knew that would at least buy me a ticket out of there.

They called today to confirm my appointment when I was putting the baby to sleep. I called back and cancelled because I wasn’t ready to buy the dress. I was told that I shouldn’t try on any more dresses because I would get “confused,” and that the consultant helping me would be calling me again to reschedule. Of course she will. They’re extremely pushy, and it is a huge turnoff.

I really don’t want to rush. I don’t think three days after the first time I try one dresses is enough for me. I’m not the kind of person who makes purchases that quickly, and this is a big purchase that I will only get to do once in my life. I won’t even buy a book until it’s sat on my wishlist for a while, much less my one and only wedding dress that I won’t be wearing for over a year.

I realize that dresses have to ordered, which takes time. I know that I might want to take pictures in it before the wedding and have to get it cleaned and pressed.

However, I still think 14 months prior to the event is way too soon. I know myself, and I like to keep my options open until I am absolutely sure. I’m just not someone who can be that certain after only a few days even though I know some girls fall in love with their dress at first sight. Even if there’s something I really want to watch on television, I have to check all of our channels before I can commit to it. I’m not saying I’m going to try on every dress in the world. I just want a little more time to play the field.

I didn’t realize trying on wedding dresses would be so exhausting and take so long. We were there a total of 2.5 hours, which was partly due to the fact that the person helping me had to help another bride at the same time. By the end I literally was ready to faint. I was dehydrated, standing for a long time, and under lots of hot, bright lights. Being bound inside a bustier probably didn’t help. I’m really not a big fan of them.

Cady had a great time talking loud and running around playing, but then she got cranky. My dad took her for a stroll and came back with her asleep. We went to lunch, and I took a nap after getting home.

I’m not in love with any one dress right now. It’s just too soon to tell. I want to keep seeing other dresses.

[ Came back to the store asleep with her sunglasses still on. ]

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  1. a) your daughter is so stunning, even in those pictures where she is just wandering aroundb) I really love the bottom wedding dress with the lace and interesting backbut c)you should definitely give yourself time to think about it and ignore the pushy salespeople, I definitely think you have time to see more dresses and decide before you have to buy one anyway.good luck with the wedding prep!

  2. That last photo is awesome. Love her big glasses. Take your time and enjoy the process. Lots of girls stress during the planning, which is understandable. I stayed laid-back about it all and am so glad I enjoyed those months before the wedding!

  3. love that last dress on you too. but yes, take your time picking out and trying on dresses!

  4. yeah i totally agree that none of those are "the one." you need me there next time. the one on the top left is okay, but not that great, middle is okay, top right is weird kinda…and the bottom one is pretty but i feel like ive seen that same dress a lot recently…