Playing House

I don’t know what Cady thinks we’re playing, but I’ve noticed lately that she likes to peekboo me from under her high chair. The problem is that she tends to hit her head on the foot rest of it. Since we have a really tall dining/breakfast table, I cleared it off, threw a sheet over it, and showed her how much fun it is by getting inside.

She goes crazy for it. Her eyes light up everytime I go inside. She wants to sit in my lap and eat Corn Flakes in there. The dog likes coming to visit, too, especially since Cady sometimes gives her some snacks or Quinn snatches the stuff that falls on the ground.

[ Playing with my empty makeup bag. One of her favorites. ]

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  1. Remember when we were younger and we used to love making forts out of the couch cushions, and my mom would get mad at us for stealing them and leaving them without a place to sit? I sure do! This makes me feel a bit nostalgic about how carefree being a kid truly was.

  2. Hahaha yes! We had such good times.