Wholesale Wedding Flowers by Mail

We’re planning to purchase our wedding flowers online from a wholesale florist. FiftyFlowers.com was recommended by Bridal Bargains, and I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau where I was able to read their rating, profile, and customer reviews.

We’ll be saving a ridiculous amount of money, which is important to me because I think the wedding industry is all about the huge mark-up. Even if my parents are paying for it, I want a good deal. What can I say? I’m all about the best bang for your buck.

I plan on using the pre-arranged florals to save myself the time and energy because they have what I’m looking for available in that option even though I actually took a floral arranging class from a florist shop two years ago. I liked what I learned, but I don’t need the added worry. I always have enough as it is.

I am however, going to take a quick one hour class from a florist of 20 years later this month about buying flowers in bulk for your wedding. The topics listed in the description include, “when to buy, how to buy and how to process different types of blooms to get the longest life out of your flowers.”

I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. such a great idea!