Afternoon at the Mall with Cadence

Cady and I went to the mall yesterday just to pass the time and hang out. She likes getting out of the house in the afternoons, and I haven’t been taking her out and about lately. She gets bored just doing the same things at home though, and she had a really good time until she got tired.

First we stopped in the food court for lunch and I made sure to seat ourselves near the area with small kids rides because I knew it would attract children that she could watch. While we were window shopping, a sales woman asked why Cady had a computer mouse tied to her stroller. She loves remotes, phones, computer mice, keys, cameras, and anything else she sees us holding a lot. We also tried some Sperrys on her to see if we could wear matching shoes, but unfortunately, her feet are too wide for the 4 and much too short for the 5.

Where she really had a good time was at Barnes and Noble. Well, I was a little nervouse because I set Cady free from her stroller, and I had to chase her around the shelves while hanging on to the stroller with all our stuff in it. I didn’t like not having her in my view all the time when she went around a shelf before me, but luckily, it wasn’t busy at all.

Cady enjoyed looking at all the books, throwing them off the shelves onto the floor, putting some in our stroller, and playing with the trains/trying to put them in our stuff, too. I made sure to put everything back of course, and of course, she still tried to grab a Halloween Dora book on the way out. I couldn’t stop laughing at what a silly girl she is. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a love for books.

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  1. our little guys loves to hang out in that TTT table…cant get him to leave even when its almost closing time!