Snack Time

She learned how to drink from a straw on her first try, and now prefers a cup with a straw over a sippy. She loves drinking water and can also drink from water bottles and regular cups if someone else is holding it. However, she doesn’t like juice and spits it out. She also thinks milk in a cup no matter the method of drinking it is weird.

Eating pears and self feeding mostly with her hands, but she actually got the food on the spoon and into her mouth twice.

Yeah, I’m a naughty mommy, and she’s eating in front of the tv, which all the experts say is a no no. Oh well. Nobody is perfect 100% of time, and you’ll go crazy trying to be. I figure if we aim for less than 2 hours a day, we’ll be alright. 2 hours seems to be a magic number I’m always hearing about when it comes to tv.

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  1. Our routine is a bit in the morning and some while eating lunch. A little Dora the Explorer never hurt anyone!! Plus, if it makes your day easier even for a few minutes than who cares!

  2. we can never make her watch TV here with us except for her DVD from Sarah, which she dances with many times a