Excited About Homecoming

Homecoming last year was pretty good. We kept it low key, and I would say it was a successful first try.

Now Cadence is a little older, and I think she can handle a bit more excitement. I think not having to worry about pumping milk every three hours will definitely make things considerably easier. The fact that she’s not a newborn that sleeps all the time will make the car ride a little more difficult since she’s not one of those babies that just sleeps in the car. Not to mention, she hates being in the car.

Our plan is to break up the drive even though it’s a drive that I would have made without any stops by myself or with just one stop at Dairy Queen or McDonald’s when the speed limit slowed down at one of the small towns. It will make it fun since we’ll get to see different things. Maybe we’ll stop at the ice cream factory, maybe walk around a small town, or maybe check out that outlet mall we’ve never been to.

I’ll definitely be making Cadence a t shirt dress from one of my many old college t’s, and I’m planning on making something a little different for myself.

I’m pretty excited to see everyone, especially my sorority sisters and friends, and visit my favorite hang outs. I would have loved to bring a special cake to my sorority’s tailgate tent, but unfortunately, it’s still pretty hot here in the so-called fall, which means no cakes will survive sitting in a parked car during our road trip adventures. If homecoming were in January, the car would virtually be a refrigerator, but football season would be over, which reminds me: college football starts this weekend!

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  1. have fun!

  2. cant wait to see cadence in that tshirt dress!