I checked out Blogger’s new “Stats” feature and was completely shocked at how many people at been looking at my blog recently. I knew my visitors count was going up, but I look at my own page sometimes after writing a post and figured most of those were from me. Well now I know there are a lot more people visiting me than I thought.

The crazy thing is how much my visitor count has jumped in just the last two months. I thought only a few of my friends viewed my blogs every so often since I was just going by the comments, but I was wrong. I went from virtually no views in June to 977 in July, 1,580 in August, and 216 just yesterday. Woah. Ok, so I don’t write this to get visitors, and I know the big blogs get exponentially much more than that. It’s just neat to know.

Like, I didn’t know that people from all over looked at my blog either. The vast majority of the views have been in the US, but there have also been views from Canada, the Philippines, Western Europe, China, Brazil, Australia, and Hong Kong (which was probably my sister when she was there for three weeks).

Stats will also tell you what browsers and operating systems were used to see your blog including Blackberries and iPads. The traffic sources and how many views individual posts got are cool, too. Like I now know a lot of people visit me from a link on a friend’s blog, which now makes me realize what an influence linking up makes.

It’s interesting. I’m glad this feature is available now.

Who knew the random day to day thoughts of a stay at home mom and pictures of cakes and a baby would be interesting to people other than her immediate family and a few friends from school? Not me.

Thanks for installing the Bottom of every post plugin by Corey Salzano. Contact me if you need custom WordPress plugins or website design.

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  1. SO cool about this new stats feature. im totally going to check it out :)and i cant belieeeeeve you won that giveaway!!! no one EVER wins the giveaways that they REALLYYY want to win. super awesome. congrats. can't wait to see all your cool creations using your new fun toy. have a fun wknd!