Training Potty Experiment

Cady has been going through diapers like crazy now, and since potty training starts early in our family, we’ve decided to take baby steps in that direction with Cadence.

We’re not the type of parents that want to rush their kids into growing up. She sleeps in our room. She drinks milk from a bottle, and she still drinks it during the night. She also goes to bed with as many pacifiers as we can find before lights out. She learned to walk and crawl when she was ready. However, she can really start taking small steps now towards using less diapers.

In some countries, potty training is completely different than what it is in the United States, and it starts much earlier. Caregivers are able to determine when the child is going to go to the bathroom based on cues that the child gives as opposed to waiting for a child to be able to talk and communicate needing to go to the bathroom like here in the U.S.

I don’t know too much about it yet, so I’ll definitely need to to some reading. For now, my mom has been putting her on her training potty when she wakes up in the morning or from naps when she is with them, so we will get into the habit of doing the same thing. She has already gone in the potty twice.

I think developing the routine of peeing in the potty at least when she first wakes up will be a big first step in the right direction, and it’s not too difficult for us since we know she will go not too long after waking. It’s all about figuring out the timing. I think once we successfuly get our timing in sync a few times, she’ll figure out what’s going on.

I’m also thinking about getting cloth diapers, so that she’ll be more aware of the fact that she’s wet.

I’m not ready for the “potty training bootcamp” method just yet.

She’s already able to indicate to us non-verbally that she is wet by grabbing her diaper. Now we just need to figure it out right before it happens.

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