Gown Preservation?

Even though I know you can make a pretty decent penny re-selling a wedding dress, part of me wants to save my dress. It’s not that I actually expect Cadence to wear it on her wedding day two decades from now, but I kind of think it would be nice to save it. What would I do with a decaying old wedding dress? Why, walk around in it like Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, of couse. Just kidding.

A lot of people nowadays take pieces of an old wedding dress and use it in their wedding. For example, some beading from your mother or grandmother’s wedding gown could be sewn into your dress or veil. Some brides have taken the lace from a family member’s dress and made handerchiefs for the wedding day that the sister, grandmother, mother or whoever will carry.

I really don’t know what my daughter would want to do with it that far into the future and what the trends would be, but I think it would be nice for her to at least have the option. Imagine how sweet it would be to even pass it down to her daughter. One of my friends posted pictures of herself wearing her mother’s wedding dress, which fit her perfectly, and I thought it was really neat. I don’t think we have any of the dresses that were in my family, but it would have been special if we did.

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