I just can’t wait for Halloween!

Ever since the “Guess Who?/Sweet Treats” episode of Barney, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and making Cady’s costume like I did last year. This year, I’ve had my plans set on Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I think she would look really cute in anything, but for some reason I’ve had this costume in my head.

It’ll be great because she won’t have to wear a hat, which she hates. Also, it’s still pretty warm during the day to be wearing a full furry suit here on Halloween with an average high of 77. Fleece long sleeves and pants was a mistake last year. I remembered it always being cold on Halloween, but I forgot that was at night only.

I think a single red bow and red Converse would finish it off great and still be comfy.

Now I just have to decide what to make for the dog. Maybe she and Cady can wear matching costumes, and I’ll put the pigtails on her.

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