Bridal Showcase

Tim and I went to a bridal show at the convention center, and even though it was a “small” one, we were there for two hours. Golly, I was tired. I came home and took a nap, but I was still tired, especially since we had been up late the night before and then woke up earlier than usual (for me).

Tim was a great sport though. I can’t imagine a groom being more supportive and enthusiastic.

I had skipped at least one booth that I realized later that I should’ve looked at, but all in all, I think we got what we came for. If we’re not able to get the photographer we want (she doesn’t usually do weddings), then there are some backup choices that we found as well as videographers. There were lots of DJs. There was a limo service in our price range as well as ceremony music. I got some free magazines and tote bags. I even got a $50 gift card to David’s Bridal that can be used on top of marked down sale prices, which is pretty good.

Luckily we’ve given ourselves over a year to plan because there is a lot to think about. I’m a comparison shopper who doesn’t make choices impulsively. I research every purchase that I make, which means I’ll have to do lots of research. I think going to the showcase did help at least narrow down what we don’t want and what we maybe want.

The most overwhelming thing to me is my dress. There’s just so many dresses from so many designers at so many shops. I have a general idea of what I’m looking for and a price range, but it’s hard to know how to start.

P.S. I’m glad the baby didn’t come with us. She would’ve been so bored and miserable. Instead she napped at my parents’ house the whole time we were at the event.

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