Tim and I got married quickly and didn’t have the “big” wedding. We have a lot of love, but we didn’t have the money or the time. We really don’t need a wedding. We have each other. Cheesy, I know, but true. However, my parents are picking up the tab and are eager to help with the planning (probably my mother mostly) because they really want us to have one that more of our family and closest friends can attend.

At first I wasn’t interested in all of the planning and the work. I had no interest in thumbing through page after page of bridal magazines. Recently seeing the many different magazines all thick with pages full of ads and ideas that aren’t my theme was overwhelming at the book store, so I went home without looking at any.

I have been happily browsing the internet for ideas that fit what I’m looking for and have been slightly more successful. I did end up flipping twice through an entire The Knot Texas issue that my mom had purchased. I didn’t find a lot of ideas that fit our plans, but there was still some good information in there, especially since the vendors are all local. Tim and I also attended a bridal show at the convention center, which was a tiring but fun experience and I think has helped us find some of the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Since we already know what we want, I think it will be easier to plan. Here are the words that come to mind when I think of our day: effortless, rustic, vintage, simple, intimate, romantic, autumn, smiles. I’m thinking lots of DIY (I just want it to seem effortless, there will be a little work involved, but not too much), real Texas bar-b-q, a stucco finish cake, a USMC groom’s cake, mason jars, sunflowers, old fashioned lanterns, mini pecan pie favors, Tim in his dress blues, my sister as the maid of honor, and Cadence as our flower girl of course.

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  1. Oh gabby I'm excited for you! Will gather some really inspirational wedding features and will send them your way! Cadence will be so adorable as your flower girl!

  2. You have SUCH a talent for creative things, so I'm positive your wedding will be stunning. Enjoy every second and soak it all in…

  3. gabby, this might not feature our authentic texan bbq but this wedding is just as rustic and lovely (love the cake) :

  4. It's lovely! Thanks for sharing that with me. I appreciate you thinking of me. It will definitely help.