I had used when I learned about it’s existence from my parents a while back and then forgotten all about it until yesterday when a giveaway was featured on Fabulessly Frugal. I went to the site, clicked on their Facebook link, and there was a coupon code for 80% off gift certificates for the month of August!

That means $25 gift certificates that usually cost $10 are now $2! I got 4 $25 certificates and 1 $10 certificate for $8.80, which is really, really ridiculously good.

Yes, some restrictions do apply, which means the gift certificate won’t cover all of your bill, but it’s still a steal! Besides, waiters still need tips, and the businesses still need to get some money. On a $35 bill, you could use a $25 certificate (that right now costs $2), and only spend $12 plus the tip!

They also have $50, $75, and $100 gift certificates for the pricier restaurants.

What a great way to save money and still enjoy eating out.

I think I’m going to look around some more before the end of the month to see if there’s any other restaurants Tim is interested in trying.

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