The many shades of Cady’s hair

The older Cadence gets, the more people seem to be fascinated by her hair. They’re probably even more curious about the fact that I’m Asian, and I’m walking around with a red hed. I’m as surprised as anyone else really.

It’s funny because when I was pregnant, my mother found out that Tim was a carrot-top for the first five or so years of his life and she went on and on about how nice it would be to have a baby with scarlet locks. I considered it both impossible and strange to think of an Asian baby with brassy hair.

Well when Cadence was born, she did have darker hair. It’s only as she gets older that it lightens, which is even more strange because it’s usually the other way around.

Is this my baby? Hahaha. Yes. I know she’s mine. I even inspected her closely when the nurse brought her back to my hospital room after her very first bath to be sure despite all the hospital security measures like putting her ID bracelet on immediately after birth.

Some strangers who see us together may still have their doubts, but I think she actually looks a lot like me (and her dad)…`

[ Daddy just went to pick up our lunch order at the counter, but she missed him. ]
[ Splash park fun. ]
[ Enjoying a graham cracker at Jason’s Deli. ]

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  1. Gab – I was the same way. I was born with jet black hair, it got lighter to the point that I was almost white blonde in elementary school, and has been getting darker ever since. Now, if I didn't color my hair, it would be almost black again.