Momma Bear

I’ll be honest. I’ve been avoiding doing anything that would require leaving Cadence with childcare or in a church nursery and not because I don’t want to leave her with someone else. She spends plenty of time at my parents’ house with either them or my yaya who still lives with them. It’s because I don’t want to leave her around other children without either my husband or I present.

My friends have great kids who are really sweet. They are gentle with Cady and have good manners. However, other than the children of my friends, my experiences with Cady and other people’s children have been negative. There are the kids are Stomping Grounds who play in the 2 and under playground even though they are clearly too old to be running and being rough or careless around little babies, the little girl who was picking on Cady, and the little boy who pushed her at the splash park.

So far, I don’t like what I’ve seen. Just thinking about those kids makes me an angry momma bear. Poor girl doesn’t even realize what’s going on. Until she’s old enough to defend herself, I can’t leave her alone because clearly, you can’t trust other people to do the right thing and even watch their own children much less intervene when their child misbehaves.

Mommy has plenty of “me time” anyway. What’s more important right now is “Cady and me time.”

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