I want a Silhouette!

These craft cutters have been all the buzz lately. I’m so glad I didn’t have a cricut yet because this one is way better. There are no expensive cartridges to buy. The machine comes with lots of fonts and graphics, you can buy some at their website, or you can use any that you have or create on your computer. Pretty neat. You can do etching, vinyl, paper crafts, party projects like cupcake wrappers, and heat transfers, which is what I look forward to making most, I think.
I put this on my never ending and always changing wish list and have been entering every blog Silhouette giveaway that comes up in my bloglist including the one right now at Kara’s Party Ideas.
Hmm… Someday…

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  1. hahaha me too! i've joined all the giveaway contest out there! no such luck though 🙁