Cadence at 12 Months

[ 12 Month Well Baby Visit ]

75th percentile in weight
proportioned in height
23 pounds 6 ounces
30.75 inches long

So that someday we’ll remember some neat things about her at this age…

Takes our keys and stands on her tippy toes to try to open or lock the doors.
Takes things from my purse and puts them in other places.
Calls food, “om nom.”
Loves “Bonjour, Barney!”
Tries to drink the water in her pool, at the splash park, and in the tub.
Still empties cabinets and drawers but now also puts things into them.
Pretends to talk on everything from remotes to sippy cups as if they are phones.
Wants to smash the keys on my keyboard.
Knows the difference between my real computer mouse and the decoy.
Can say book, dog, duck, daddy, mama, barney, no more, more…
Understands simple commands like, “show/give to mommy,” “where’s (find) daddy?”
Puts her toys back in the box.
Favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do you See?
Not interested in dressing up or wearing itchy tutus.
Learns things very quickly (first try)!
Can drink from a straw.
Loves eating graham crackers.

And many more special things that I can’t think of right now…

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  1. I will copy and paste in her first year baby book that i am working