Always hated working out.

There are always different reasons to exercise. I’ve gone through phases where I wanted to lose weight. When I was pregnant, I made a point to do light exercise every day to help ensure an easier delivery and have a healthier baby. Right now I should be working out to be healthy, tone up, increase stamina, and reduce stress.

The truth is that I never liked it though.

I’ve done it when I had reason enough to push myself, but like vegetables, I really have to force myself, which lately, I haven’t been doing. I had to cancel my gym membership a few months ago because I wasn’t anywhere near making proper use of it.

It’s difficult to find the motivation. It’s so boring. There’s just so many more things I’d rather be doing than exercising like reading, browsing the internet, catching up on the DVR, cooking, making desserts, sewing, shopping, blogging, and more.

I really should start working out again though. Playing with a one year old for just a few minutes makes me out of breath.

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