Tank Top Dress (or Halfsie Dress, as I like to call it)

I’ve been seeing a lot of these tank top dresses lately and what I call halfsie dresses, but I haven’t been able to find “the right one” for me. They’re always either too long, too short, too expensive, too skimpy or just not appealing to me.

I think this is what I should make to wear for homecoming. I don’t know yet if I should have something with or without sleeves and how long. I only brought sweaters and long sleeves and me and the baby last year, and I remember we were hot walking around.

There’s a lot of ways that it can be done. Different sleeve styles and lengths, necklines, embellishments, and of course, the fabric for the skirt part.

P.S. They would be so cute with cowboy boots.

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  1. I LOVE the first one. I don't have any of these dresses either but I like them. I just don't make the time to go and try them on I guess.