The life of a computer.

I’ve had this computer since about 2002 or 2003 when I was in highschool, which means it’s quite old. 7 years in the life of a computer must be like 84 in people years. I remember we bought this because it was a good deal at the time, and I would need one to bring to school when I went to college. I didn’t have a need for a laptop at the time, so we got a desktop. I didn’t buy a laptop until a few days before I was leaving for France to study abroad. That laptop lasted about two years before it stopped turning on at all. Luckily I had saved most of my files on the external hard drive very recently before it’s demise and had a desktop that was willing to take me back.

Well now after being fixed professionally a couple of times, my computer is being slow again. There was only so much they could do with what I had. Compared to other computers, it’s probably slow all the time. I’ve gotten used to it, so I can’t tell anymore except recently it started doing this thing where it wants to be slow for a while after first being turned on. I’m also limited in how much I can be doing at a time and probaly what I can be doing. It’s really not that bad, which is why I’ve continued to just keep using it, but I’ve finally given in and decided to accept a new one.

It will be nice to have something with better performance, but I do feel a sense of loss. For some reason, I don’t want to make the change when it still works well most of the time (despite some frustrations). I’ll have to make sure it’s memory cleaned well before passing it on of course. I saw some programs that are supposed to do a thorough job. When all of that happens, I hope this computer will find a good home.

[ Cady got her first “laptop computer” at 6 months ]

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