I want a backpack purse.

I remember when teeny little backpacks were in style in the 90’s, and now I miss them. Well, maybe not the tiny 90’s ones, but backpacks in general. I’ve been waiting to start seeing them at the mall again, and I finally did spot some last weekend.

I think they’re great because carrying a purse makes my back and shoulder hurt. It’s not comfortable having that weight on one side and having to physically balance it out with my back and shoulders. It can’t be healthy either, especially for someone with a crooked spine. I don’t even carry a heavy purse or a lot of stuff. If I have a big baby bag, I put it in the stroller.

I’d like something simple and mature that will last. The sales woman in the bag department pointed me towards some floral Lucky bags and glitter sequined Coach ones, too. Yikes. She must have thought I was much younger and not a mother.

I’m thinking something more like this…

[ Dooney & Bourke ]

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  1. oooo that's cute. very versatile!