Cadence at the Splash Park

We took Cadence to the splash park for the first time on Friday, and she absolutely loved it. Luckily she had a swim diaper on, but next time, we’ll definitely bring her in a bathing suit. We’ll have to get a new one though since she’s out grown her 12M suit and her 18M suit because she’s growing so fast.

We’re also now on the search for either tiny Crocs or tiny aqua socks. Are Crocs okay for water play? They seem like they would be. My husband and I aren’t big fans of the shoes, but I’ve convinced him that they’re okay on little kids.

So far, all the aqua socks we’ve seen has been too big for her since it’s late in the summer, and a lot of the sizes are out. She doesn’t like the baby flip flops with the heel straps, so for that first day, she just wore her Pedi-Peds, which are probably her most comfortable shoes. The traction wasn’t bad at all, but we want her to have some shoes that are meant for water play.

Not that Cady cares at all how prepared we are or what she’s wearing. She certainly doesn’t care about applying sunscreen (although Mommy makes sure baby is covered). All she cares about is having fun.

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  1. Looks like she had a great time! Maybe we can st up something similar in the back yardMom

  2. Nordstrom has nice crocs and we can buy one today since we are going to the galleriamom