Walmart is a lot better than people say.

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I’ve seen a lot of blog posts lately about how horrible Walmart is, but I really think that it depends on each individual store. Furthermore, it’s closest competition (which shall remain nameless), is not always as great as people say either. Again, it depends on the particular store.
Our Walmart has been newly remodeled. It has a lot of great selection, and now includes brands like Medela and King Arthur Flour. The shelves are fully stocked, and the products are organized and pulled forward for a nice appearance.
On the flip side, where we live, that other store (which used to be my favorite) has pulled most of their items off the shelves and put them online only. Their selection in nearly every area has always been small, and now their shelves are always empty. The empty shelves and racks stay empty for long periods before customers can find what they need again. Furthermore, the shelves are never seem neat and organized anymore.
In my opinion, they’ve let drastically themselves go while our Walmart has been improving by leaps and bounds. Since we don’t have store loyalty and shop where it is best for us, we prefer to do most of our shopping at Walmart, the new favorite, where the convenience of one-stop shopping is now even tougher to beat.

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  1. dude. i love walmart. i love target too….but walmart is the ultimate one stop shop. my ONLY complaint is the whole child-labor issue…but that's an entirely separate issue, and one that im not as educated on as i probably should be!anyway. i agree with you completely 🙂

  2. I agree too. Unfortunately, and probably because we don't have the luxury of competition in such a small town, when our Walmart was remodeled they got rid of so many things. Now there is less of a selection and many things seem to never be re-stocked. Plus its craft section is pretty much ridiculous now. 🙁 It can be frustrating. But for the most part I have to agree – WalMart really is that convenient one-stop place to shop.