Better car rides

My old Accord just wasn’t cutting it anymore when the heat really came in with a fury this summer. For some reason the air wasn’t getting as cold as it used to.

Furthermore, it’s not tinted at all other than the very minimal factory tint, and there’s no air conditioning vents in the back. In all, this makes for a pretty toasty car in the summertime.

Luckily we live down the street from my parents, so instead of having to squeeze into Tim’s two door car, which isn’t much better since it’s black and doesn’t have rear air conditioning either, we’ve been trading cars with my dad several days a week since it’s technically also his Accord in the first place.

It’s great because the Expedition now just goes wherever Cadence goes, and we don’t have to move her carseat. When she is with my parents, they drive the big SUV, and when she’s with us, we drive her around in it. It has the rear air conditioning we want, more space, tinting, and a six disc changer that now has Barney CDs, which have also contributed greatly to a more pleasant car ride.

Cady loves the music, the cool air, and not having to squint because the baby sun shades aren’t working. The only downside for her is there is enough room now that she can’t rub her feet on Mommy when I’m sitting with her in the back seat, which I really wasn’t a fan of.

Now the air conditioning is working again in the Accord, which is great for when we drive it. Driving the big car is a little intimidating and takes more work, but hopefully I get more comfortable with practice.

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  1. Your little girl is soooo adorable!! And having that BIG SUV is great, or any good sized SUV actually (to me). My sister and her husband have an 04/05 Expedition and it's a joy to ride in, so much room and when we ride with her anywhere especially during the HEAT of the summer having the rear vents are a life saver, especially compared to my Chevy HHR ;-)!! My HHR is a great stylish little car (great on gas) but I do miss having a SUV and the rear vents 🙂