Thankful for my husband

It’s my husband’s birthday, but all the excitement has been focused on Cady (as usual) and her birthday or party this week. In fact, her party falls on his birthday, and almost all the attention was stolen by her, which he doesn’t mind.

Today was the day Tim was born, and even though I try to express how much I appreciate him everyday, today is a day when he deserves some extra recognition for being such am amazing husband and wonderful father who goes above and beyond what is expected of any normal person.

He is selfless, giving, kind, patient, understanding, loving, affectionate, and hard-working. He makes me laugh. He gets me. He sees the positive.

He does anything in his power to make sure Cady and I are happy.

He is better than anyone could ever fully comprehend and more than I could have imagined.

We are very blessed.

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  1. such a beautiful family! happy birthday to the hubby 🙂