Butter flavored Crisco?

Ok, so I noticed the butter flavored Crisco a couple of months ago and decided to pick some up on our last trip to the grocery store to try it out. The package I bought advertised that it was great for baking, so I wanted to give it a try.

Well, I was making some lemon buttercream icing to go with the 6″ lemon cake for Cady’s party and used the buttery Crisco for the first time instead of the hi-ratio shortening I’ve been using lately. I thought maybe the butter flavored Crisco could be the best of both worlds– the consistency of shortening with the flavor of butter.

Hmm. Big mistake. At least for the lemon buttercream anyway. The flavor of the butter was overwhelming, I couldn’t taste any lemon at all. I should’ve known it would be too much when I opened the package and smelled the strength of the butter flavor.

I should’ve known better when I had already experienced a dislike for the Wilton butter flavor in making icing before. However, I wanted to give it a chance because I had loved the taste of the cream cheese icing I had made with all butter. The problem with that was that the butter is too soft and melty. The icing was sliding away.

I have two more cups of this to experiment with in the future, but for now, I have thrown out (I almost typed thrown up) the icing and will stick to what I already know works. Now is not the time to be trying new things unless I want to increase my potential for having a freakout in the kitchen in the wee hours of the night before the party.

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  1. I use it in cookies. My experience has been that shortening makes cookies softer (and thicker) while butter makes it crisper (and thinner). I think that's what it's really intended for is baking in cookies or I suppose some cakes.

  2. Thanks for the information, Gabby. I bet it is great in cookies like Kristen said. I'm a pretty big fan of butter in icings myself.