Restaurant Week(s)

It’s that time of year again when the city celebrates “Restaurant Week,” which in fact lasts for three weeks. Basically, a long list of restaurants serve special menus with 3 course dinners for $35 per person and, for the first time, two course lunches for $20 per person with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. It’s an amazing deal for patrons because $35 might just be the cost of one course alone, and it’s for a good cause. $5 per dinner and $3 per lunch goes to the food bank. With 115 participating restaurants from all over town and a large population in the greater metropolitan area, I’m sure they’ll do pretty well.

We heard about it last year from my parents and didn’t go because Cadence was just barely home from the hospital, and we didn’t want to leave our suburb for the big city and be so far away from her. Plus it’s not like I was really ready to be going out and about, doing my hair, and all of that pre-baby dating type stuff. However, I think we’ll be okay this year leaving the five mile radius of our home for just a short time while she’s at my parents’ house down the street. I think I’ll even wear my hair down.

It will be great because it is Tim’s birthday this month and our anniversary. Not to mention, I don’t really want to go out much, and when we do, I haven’t been getting dolled up like I used to in the old days. Ya know, I did say to him a few weeks ago that I thought I’d be ready to try all of that sometime in the not so distant future, and now I think that time has come. We already made our reservations, and I’m pretty excited about it.

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