Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Flowers

With new shows like, Cupcake Wars and DC cupcakes, it’s plain to see that cupcakes are really hot right now. Even Buddy on Cake Boss mentioned their recent spike in popularity.

Before I started baking cakes, I only had experience baking cupcakes. There’s just something about them. I can’t sit there and eat six slices of cake, but I honestly sometimes just straight up eat six cupcakes in a row.

Personally, I love things that individually packaged. They’re so convenient. Cupcakes are like this because they are individual portions. I’ve been telling Tim that I should go back to making cupcakes when baking for us at home since we can’t eat an entire cake, but we can make a batch of cupcakes and share.

While cakes require more work to prepare for decorating, depending on their decoration and servings, cupcakes can be a lot more work to dress up than cakes because you have to do so many of each small detail. However, fondant toppers can always be made ahead of time. It’s swirling on all that frosting that tires your hands. I haven’t tried fondant or poured fondant cupcakes yet, but it does seem time consuming as well.

To be honest, I’ve had a strong craving for cupcakes since Friday night, and I did need to practice my swirl. I’ve learned that for this look, I definitely prefer the 1M to the 2D, although the 2d would be perfect for making that rose appearance should I ever master that. I tried adding sugar pearls, but that’s easier said than done since they would rather roll away than stick to the icing. I had made the flowers previously with no specific plans as to what I would use them for, and they came in handy. The pink five petal flowers will probably be making many more appearances in the future since I have an egg carton full of them.

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  1. I love these – soft and sweet. Plus, you can never go wrong with pink and brown!

  2. beautiful!!

  3. gabby, they look delicious! try celebrity cupcakes in the rice village – the lemon with raspberry frosting is my favorite!