Cake flavors I want to try to make (someday)

Cakes I want to try: chocolate chip, marble, pink lemonade, confetti, pina colada, margarita, pumpkin (Thanksgiving maybe), coconut, white almond sour cream, eggnog, sour cream chocolate, chocolate kahlua, key lime, darn good chocolate, almond pound, chocolate espresso pound, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate pound

Frostings I’d like to try: Italian meringue buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, French buttercream, key lim buttercream, key lime cream cheese, orange buttercream, peanut butter buttercream, white chocolate buttercream, white chocolate cream cheese, whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, cappuccino, poured fondant, chocolate poured fondant, orange cream cheese, chocolate toffee, caramel, brown butter cream cheese, ganache, mint chocolate ganache, cannoli, tiramisu, kahlua, chocolate fudge marshmallow, chocolate hazelnut buttercream, raspberry buttercream

Fillings: chocolate mousse, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry cream, Oreo, chai tea

And one more: Cream-filled chocolate cupcakes (think Hostess, but homemade and better)

Whew, that’s a long list.

[ I just thought this was cute ]

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  1. I simply love eggnog cheesecake, it's really good. You should try it, too. :)I love the richness and the texture. Even my 6-year old twin boys love it. Of course, we're in unison when we decided to only have one serving of cheesecake every time I make one. The rest go straight in the fridge (that's for Daddy and Nana, lol). That makes me feel less guilty, lol!

  2. gabby, i will find an occasion to order one of your cakes one day. they all look delicious!

  3. meringue buttercream is AMAZING! It is beyond words. I literally melts in your mouth! I actually have a post on my blog today about it!!!