My first attempt at cake pops

I made my first attempt at cake pops today. I’ve seen so many sweet, simple ones online, and the tutorials made it so easy. However, they were not successful. I’m not even going to post pictures of my disaster because I’m too embarrassed. Now that I think about it, the person who wrote the tutorial I used said they had learned some lessons after making them a couple of times. I’ve learned some lessons as well.

1. Try using the frosting in a jar. That seems to be the formula a lot of people use, and it works.
2. Don’t use a microwave (to heat the chocolate). It works for everyone else. It never works for me.

I was thinking about making some for Cady’s party, but I wasn’t sure if I should and thought a dry run would give me a better idea. I don’t think I’m ready yet. It will be ok though since there will be a very high sweets to people ratio at the party as it is.

I’ll be honest. I was feeling pretty down about the whole experience at first. The cake confidence I had gained back just in time to make a baby shower cake next week all went down the drain. I probably could’ve upset myself enough to cry. My good husband cheered me up, though and calmed me down before I got too worked up. I just hate to see food or anything go to waste, but he says most of it will still get eaten, which makes me feel a lot better.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I hope I do a good job on the baby shower cake I have coming up. I hate to disappoint, especially since I’m getting paid for it. I’ll be making a square 8″ on top of a 10″ square. I’ve only made the 8″ square once before and had some snafus, and I haven’t made 10″ squares yet ever.

I wonder if the other people I know who have been doing this for longer, had these problems when they were first learning. I often call the kitchen a disaster area. I guess that comes with the territory when you’re learning to master the domestic arts. I’m lucky to have an understanding husband who doesn’t mind and who often even cleans the disaster area while I rest. He never makes me feel like I’ve failed either (even if I was thinking I failed), and that’s really the best part.

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  1. oh it'll be better next time! ive read so many bloggers who were not successful for the first time dong these cake pops, so dont despair!

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