Facebook “Friendship” Dilemmas

I have too many Facebook friends. This is problem is mostly of my own making.

When I was in college and first started working, I friended pretty much everyone that I met either because I wanted to see their profiles or I thought we might need to conact them again later. I did talk to them on Facebook at first, but now that I’m not working or going to school with them anymore, I’ve lost any reason to contact most of them.

I’ve de-friended that people I’ve found on my friends list that I don’t remember anymore. I’ve de-friended people who have shown up on my newsfeed or birthday list that I don’t talk to anymore. I’m slowly narrowing my friends list, and it is still out of control.

I’ll probably seem crazy unfriending people that I friended in the first place (mostly since I wanted to just see their profiles), and I feel bad unfriending people that I only friended because I didn’t want to offend them with a rejection in the first place. I don’t friend people I don’t know, but it’s even worse being asked by people that I do know but secretly dislike. I wish I had just said no in the first place though because it’s even worse saying yes and then having to rescind.

When I was in school, it made sense, but now that I have a family and spend my time at home, I really don’t need to be in contact with all of those people. Furthermore, I don’t want them all having access to my information anymore. I wish there was a way to purge huge amounts of friends and then just start over with the people I really do need to talk to. I guess when I think about my reasons for removing people, the reasons are good enough to just suck it up regardless of what people think.

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