Photography Class!

I’ve been wanting to take a photography class at the local community college, but I haven’t been able to find a class that was at a good time since I stay at home with the baby during the day and can’t stay out too late at night. Well then one of my friends sends me a link to this website with “leisure” learning classes, and I found one that I could take while the baby is with my parents.

I’m so excited. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I wanted to give myself a day to be really sure before I paid the fee and signed up. There are so many classes available, too. I was surprised at the range of choices. Some random examples are firearms, cookies, canoeing, selling your house, ballet, motorcycle repair, basketweaving, and much, much more.

The basic photography class is what I really need though because there are a lot of things that I can learn from reading a book and then there are things that I really need someone to show me hands on what they’re talking about. It’s just like the cake classes. I could not figure it out just reading books (especially the piping), but once I took the classes, I could later teach myself a lot of new things that I saw in books, videos, or on the internet. I just needed a foundation to start my learning.

With great cameras becoming more affordable and more readily available to regular people (non professional photographers), we can all have better photographs, and that’s my goal. I want to take better pictures of my family, especially the baby (even though I think she always looks good).

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