Shaggy Mum Cupcakes from Cake Club

I didn’t feel like baking the 6 cupcakes we were supposed to each bring to Cake Club today, so I bought some from one of the teachers who got them wholesale from Sam’s. Totally worth the $1. Saved time and energy and had less mess in the kitchen. I made the buttercream icing myself late last night and have way too much leftover. I used a Wilton 2D tip for the mound of icing swirled as a base, a 352 for the leaves, and a 233 for the mum itself. I think they turned out cute. The shaggy part could make sea anemones for an under the sea cake, too.
I had a good time. I always do. I wish I didn’t have to miss next month’s meeting, but it will be on the morning of Cady’s party when we’ll be busy, busy, busy!

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  1. love these!!!

  2. these are so cute! pefect for a spring party!