Five Minute Photoshoot Favorites

We haven’t been taking as many pictures of Cady lately as we used to because she moves around so much that it’s difficult to get any of her that aren’t blurry. We decided to do a mini photoshoot in her bedroom, and I had the idea of putting her sitting the rocking chair, so that she couldn’t run away. She still moved around a lot while on the chair, but at least I didn’t have to chase her. It turned out pretty well and didn’t take long at all, which is important since she doesn’t have the patience to sit for long periods. I just clicked as much and as quickly as I could. She wouldn’t let me wipe off the mango on her face from breakfast, but she is wearing the Cougar Pride shirt Daddy got her from his school.

[ These are just a few of my favorites. ]

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  1. Hi, Gabby!! She is such cute!! The pics are lovely!! Have a sweet week. Bela.

  2. I cannot believe how big she is getting. She is such a beautiful little baby girl:) I love sweet & fun photo sessions:)