Unfinished (Unstarted) Projects

I’ve been so busy buying cake supplies, thinking about cakes, taking cake decorating classes, making and decorating cakes, and looking at every cake related thing online, that I’ve completely neglected my sewing machine!

I have so many patterns I have yet to use and so much fabric just waiting to fulfill it’s destiny and become something. I realized today that I had made a resolution to make something like 40 crafts this year, and I haven’t made a single one.

Well since the year is halfway over, I am pretty sure I won’t make that goal, but it’s never to late to do something.

I have a luau themed cake that’s going to be picked up Saturday morning, and when I’m done with that, I’m going to sew something this weekend. I am determined!

Since the 4th of July is almost upon us, I’ve decided to make my first project making Cady and Quinn matching dresses with the patriotic Hello Kitty Fabric I bought last month.

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